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about ala kuola 

We're here to help you

Ala Kuola’s mission is to assist victims of domestic violence in attaining safety, peace, and healing through a continuum of services through our partners and collaborators in the community.  

Caring for the community 

Ala Kuola is a Honolulu-based non-profit organization that provides domestic violence prevention and victim assistance services. Our two primary areas of focus are assisting victims of domestic violence in obtaining Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO’s) through the Family Court and facilitating the nationally-recognized program Coaching Boys into Men.

A reliable history

Ala Kuola began voluntarily providing services as a means to bridge an otherwise serious gap in assistance to domestic violence victims. Due to the economic recession in 2009, the State Judiciary imposed staff furloughs that forced the closure of the Court two Fridays a month. The Judiciary entered into an agreement with Ala Kuola to assist the Judiciary in providing TRO’s during these furlough days.


In 2013, the Ala Kuola team realized the need take preventative steps against relationship and domestic abuse in Hawaii. We saw how domestic abuse and its associated problems have become increasingly prevalent in our community and decided to provide a preventative, practice approach by delivering a nationally recognized program, Coaching Boys into Men.

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